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A custom of Big Mac :D  He has some extra height and bulk added to him, to make him chunkier and a little taller than the G3 girls too. I have him for sale here.

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Finally, I have gotten around to listing all the My Little Pony blind bag necklaces!  Find them here on my Etsy shop. I also listed a variety of other pony jewellery in this section, and have finally almost finished a special little blind bag custom, and a sort-of-to-scale-in-relation-to-the-other-G4-toys Big Mac!

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I won a lot on Ebay that included a load of random blind bag ponies. 
I had lots of crackle and plastic beads leftover from my days of wearing about a bazillion plastic beaded bracelets on each arm.
So I made some pony jewellery XD 

I won a lot on Ebay that included a load of random blind bag ponies. 

I had lots of crackle and plastic beads leftover from my days of wearing about a bazillion plastic beaded bracelets on each arm.

So I made some pony jewellery XD 

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I had wanted to make Panacea for a while but never had the right bait. When I got this girl, I knew it was meant to be One of my current favourites, Panacea is re-rooted in Saran. Hard to style but soooooooooooooooo soft and lovely *_*

Her saddle is made with apoxie sculpt and covered in a mix of pink, blue and green glitter. The main part of her saddle is blue microbeads covered in more glitter. Her horn has glitter. Her eyes have glitter. Her little drapey thing has glitter XD

Her mane was tied into a big tight bun, pinned with fabric roses and she has one loose curl on the back of her head. She also has a little golden crown-come-tiara-come-circlet, with a pink Czech firepolish bead on both the back and front. Her saddle is also decorated with the fabric roses. I really love Panacea, and I’ll probably sell her……. at a price xD


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Toxicity was more of an experiment than anything. Whilst mixing paint for Sandy, I got a really weird and kinda sickly yellowy green. I didn’t know what to do with it, but I liked it. I only have 2 paint pots so I had to use it! I painted up a bait and left her to fate.

Resisting the urge to paint orange specks on her and call her Pukey, I re-rooted her in a mix of Electric Banana, Envy and a bit of leftover yellow. Then… well, I just carried on !

Plaited braids, a headband and ribbons and chain. She has a metal studded choker and metallic green spots all over her body.  Now she’s the cool kid at school, even though she smells of toxic waste :P


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Sandy is a beach loving pony :3

She’s painted in greeny-yellow into bluey-green. She has yellow freckles and various shells and starfish on her body, along with clear microbead bubbles.  Her hair is 3 different colours (yellow, blue and green) and lightly curled. Or loosely curled. 


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Mossy started off as a white pony I just wanted to be overly green XD

I made her acetate wings, covered them in microbeads and re-haired her in 3 different shades of green. I painted a few twists and twirls and leaves and gave her twinkle eyes (made of Swarovski crystals).  When I had an accident with the styling of her hair that I actually ended up liking… I continued the accident and her name came to me: Mossy.  


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Stormchaser was made with a G3 with a lot of damage >_<  On his butt you can sometimes see where there was a dent I tried to fix :(

Anyway… Fully sculpted furry hooves like the old Big Brothers, with crazy hair in shades of blue and grey, with a few golden lightning bolts for good measure.  One of the few ponies I make with a cutie mark/symbol!  He also has a cheesy grin like this — :D

 Stormchaser is a daredevil - always chasing excitement and adventure; running after storms and tornadoes, getting as close as he can to volcanoes and earthquakes, finding ways to fly and skate and ski as fast as he can! 

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erenjagermeister asked: You probably get this a lot, but what sort of clay do you use for sculpting your ponies? Also, have you had any melting problems? Thanks. :)


Oh hi, sorry if I took ages to answer this - I never know when I get messages (and I never check because I never expect them XD).

I use Apoxie Sculpt for my sculpts. I think it’s quite widely available in the USA but I’m in the UK so I rely on Ebay!  I’ve recently seen it on beading sites in many colours, but I use white or natural coloured clay. It’s air drying, and easy to smooth out with a bit of baby oil or water.

I do use Fimo/Sculpey occasionally, but that’s mostly for little additions to the ponies like the flowers on Gaia ( I make them, bake them and then glue them or use pins to attach them to the ponies. 

I think my basic rule is that if it’s part of the pony, I use Apoxie. Otherwise, I use Fimo!

 And I’ve never had any melting problems with boiling or boil-dying hair or ponies. I’ve never  baked a pony but I have heard that it doesn’t warp them in any way, as Fimo and Sculpey bake at quite low temperatures.

Hope this helps :) 

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Ambala (meaning: Scar) is my first dyed pony… and probably my last XD  She has sculpted and textured armour, lots of Swarovski crystals, one white and scarred eye (with corresponding scratch in her armour), long hair in 2 tones of pink with the occasional black streak.

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Mei-Yi (means beautiful, cheerful, happy); a red panda pony :D  She has sculpted tufty ears, face-fur, tufty legs and 3 colour re-root tied into little plaits either side of her head. Oh, and her tongue is out :P

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Still working on my blind bag Fluttershy because I think the one Hasbro forced on us is rubbish.

 Got some of her mane to go, and have to sort out her weird and jagged head.  You also can’t see it, but the NDS of her mane is really bad XD 

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I made some stuff :3  

 There’s more where that came from and most of it will be on Etsy. I’m making myself a zodiac pocket watch necklace, but I’m waiting on some more of the black garden beads (the ones on the last Mucha necklace).

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